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Program Coordinators Blog

Updates from the Magic Judge Program Coordinators.

Judge Conferences

The Judge Conferences Blog presents the works from the whole Conferences Sphere, who oversees Judge Conferences all over the world, assisting Regional Coordinators on preparations for the best possible experience for attendees, and helping knowledge transfer through the seminar library and conferences historical data.

Judging in Russian

Regional Blog for USA - Southwest!

The Region USA Southwest consists of the states Arizona, California, Nevada and a lot of sunshine - and of course great judges!

Policy Perspectives

Level 3 Toby Elliott provides updates and the occasional interesting rumination on the policies and procedures of tournament Magic.

Translated Rules

Translations of the Magic Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules, Magic Infraction Procedure Guide, Judging at Regular and other documents and communications.

The Knowledge Pool

The Knowledge Pool helps teach Competitive REL policies through carefully crafted scenarios and discussion.


Jueces Hispanoamericanos

Judge of the Week

Each week, see your judging rockstars! Read about featured judges from all around the world!

Juízes de Magic Brasil

Blog da comunidade brasileira de Juízes de Magic.

Europe – East regional blog

Welcome to the Europe-East Regional blog! Here we can share news, promotions, reports, and all shorts of things judging related.

This blog complements our other regional communication channels: our Facebook group and our Regional JudgeApps forum.

German Speaking Countries

Welcome to the German-speaking countries Regional blog! Here we can share news, promotions, reports, and all shorts of things judging related.

This blog is not meant to replace but rather complement the other forms of communication like our Facebook group and the Regional JudgeApps forum.

The Feedback Loop

Feedback sustains the improvement and growth of individuals.
The growth of individuals sustains the growth of the Judge Program.
Thus, feedback sustains the growth of the Judge Program.

USA - Southeast Regional Blog

JudgeApps Help and Updates

JudgeApps is the official event management and forum site for judges. Stay up to date with all the updates here.

Travel Guides

Travel Guides for Grand Prix and Pro Tour destinations, written by Magic Judges!

Two-Headed Giant Release Notes

Judging or playing a two-headed giant prerelease? Be prepared by reading up on the quirkier interactions of the new cards!


JudgeCast is a biweekly podcast currently hosted by Jess Dunks and Bryan Prillaman. We cover judging news, policy, rules, listener e-mails, and occasionally (frequently) slip into banter about the judging world and our experiences.

Judge Conduct Committee

This is the blog of the Judge Conduct Committee. The Committee exists to decide when a judge’s conduct is a problem and how that misconduct should be resolved from the Judge Program’s perspective. The Committee maintains the Magic Judge Code and is responsible for the processes which support it. 

USA Great Lakes Judges

Judge Anniversaries

Here at Judge Anniversaries, we like to give a pat on the back to those Magic judges who have survived in this hobby for arbitrary amounts of time.

Judging For the Win

What does winning look like for a judge? For David Elden, winning happens when we improve our knowledge and judging skills. Come here for articles about rules, policy and best practices and take your skills to the next level!

Canadian Judge Family


Welcome to the Great White North, eh! Here you’ll find information about the Canucks that hold our big and beautiful Region together and about the Magic events that keep us warm during our year-round winter.


A judge-centric blog of the Greek Magic community: news, tournament reports, rules and policy.

The Battlefield Forge

The Battlefield Forge is a blog site for tournament reports from judges all around the world.

Judging in the North!

The Coaching Sphere

This Coaching Sphere aims to provide skills to judges that enable them to grow as judges but also as individuals. Examples of these skills are giving and receiving effective feedback, working in and leading a team delivering rulings and other general communication skills.

Raising awareness about, as well as teaching these skills will ultimately raise the quality of player experience, make leaders more effective at events, projects and in their communities as well as create a better judging environment.

The Exemplar Program

This is the official blog of the Magic Judge Exemplar Program. It aims to recognize the exemplary contributions and efforts Judges of all levels.

Le Blog des Arbitres Francophones

Soyez informé des dernières mises à jour et informations concernant la communauté arbitrale francophone !

What's Up, Docs?

It is essential to understand why the system is as it is before claiming it must be entirely changed.
What’s up Docs? aims at elaborating on various aspects of the MIPG, the MTR or their interactions. Because the best way to constructively rethink a system is to understand it first!


A hub for articles and information about the USA-North region.

Judge Articles

Get the latest (or archived) judge articles on this site. Need a place to publish your judge article? You just found that, too!

The Road to Level 3

The L3 testing manager talks about the L3 advancement process and everything you need to know to become a Regional Judge.

Magic Rules Tips

Led by Josh Stansfield, this blog posts standard-focused rules tips every day. Follow along on the blog or via Twitter.

Path to Exile

L3 David de la Iglesia shares his experiences and views on everything judging: articles, event reports, recognitions, and of course judge projects!

Billicent's Billy Sense

Billy San Juan provides quick tips, tidbits, and insights on everyday Judging.

Regular REL

Explorations and explanations of Regular REL policy, Kim Warren, Level 4, United Kingdom, and Jack Doyle, Level 3, United Kingdom.

Conference Content

All the magic conference Content classified in one site


Lems is a longtime who blogs about seemingly random topics at even more seemingly random intervals.  He also serves as the lead of the technology sphere.

Story Time with Uncle Scott

Straight from Level 5 Scott Marshall himself, read this monthly digest of L4+ debates, decisions and discussions.

Bearz Repeating

If an idea bears repeating, you can find it here! This blog is dedicated to sharing worthy concepts and thoughts from all aspects of life, with a particular focus on helping readers develop broad frameworks for understanding their role in the Judge Program. Bearz Repeating updates every Wednesday, so check back weekly!

Judge Games

Rhein Main Judge Blog

Report of the monthly judge meeting in Frankfurt/Germany. Discussion of policy and rules interpretation at the foundation.

Review Experts Blog

We're the Review Experts. If you're looking for help with reviews (getting better, writing some, looking for tips and tricks), or looking for feedback on a specific item (a Level 3 self review, a particularly difficult or contentious evaluation review), we're here to help you. Give us a call at!

Mystical Tutor

Mystical Tutor is a robust online platform for judge education. Regular content will help you along your path to becoming a more knowledgeable Magic Judge

Communication Sphere


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