Individual Blogs

In addition to the High Level Judge blogs, there are quite a few other individual judges blogging about Magic judging.

Judging For the Win

What does winning look like for a judge? For David Elden, winning happens when we improve our knowledge and judging skills. Come here for articles about rules, policy and best practices and take your skills to the next level!

Path to Exile

L3 David de la Iglesia shares his experiences and views on everything judging: articles, event reports, recognitions, and of course judge projects!

Billicent's Billy Sense

Billy San Juan provides quick tips, tidbits, and insights on everyday Judging.


Lems is a longtime who blogs about seemingly random topics at even more seemingly random intervals.  He also serves as the lead of the technology sphere.

Story Time with Uncle Scott

Straight from Level 5 Scott Marshall himself, read this monthly digest of L4+ debates, decisions and discussions.

Bearz Repeating

If an idea bears repeating, you can find it here! This blog is dedicated to sharing worthy concepts and thoughts from all aspects of life, with a particular focus on helping readers develop broad frameworks for understanding their role in the Judge Program. Bearz Repeating updates every Wednesday, so check back weekly!

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