Rules & Policy Blogs

Two-Headed Giant Release Notes

Judging or playing a two-headed giant prerelease? Be prepared by reading up on the quirkier interactions of the new cards!

Translated Rules

Translations of the Magic Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules, Magic Infraction Procedure Guide, Judging at Regular and other documents and communications.

Policy Perspectives

Level 3 Toby Elliott provides updates and the occasional interesting rumination on the policies and procedures of tournament Magic.

Learning sphere

The learning Sphere tries to gather documents and written materials that facilitate the improvement of judges online. It can be about rules or policy, or even more tournament oriented skills, like investigations or reviews. On this blog, you can find information relevant to the learning Sphere, from its goals to the details of each project that forms it.

The Knowledge Pool

The Knowledge Pool helps teach Competitive REL policies through carefully crafted scenarios and discussion.

What's Up, Docs?

It is essential to understand why the system is as it is before claiming it must be entirely changed.
What’s up Docs? aims at elaborating on various aspects of the MIPG, the MTR or their interactions. Because the best way to constructively rethink a system is to understand it first!

Magic Rules Tips

Led by Josh Stansfield, this blog posts standard-focused rules tips every day. Follow along on the blog or via Twitter.

Regular REL

Explorations and explanations of Regular REL policy, Kim Warren, Level 4, United Kingdom, and Jack Doyle, Level 3, United Kingdom.

Rhein Main Judge Blog

Report of the monthly judge meeting in Frankfurt/Germany. Discussion of policy and rules interpretation at the foundation.

Mystical Tutor

Mystical Tutor is a robust online platform for judge education. Regular content will help you along your path to becoming a more knowledgeable Magic Judge