Eric Levine Announced as Interim Community Manager

Sara MoxCommunity Manager for the Judge Network, WotC

Sara Mox
Community Manager for the Judge Network, WotC

Hello Judges!

As some of you know, I’ve been busy in the last several months making the world’s newest Mox. No, not Mox Amber, a Mox Baby! Due to some unforeseen complications I have to start Parental Leave sooner than I thought I would! Baby and I are doing fine, but need to take it a little bit easier during this last month.

That means I need to leave you in the capable hands of another for a few months, and I think I’ve picked a good one! Please everyone join me in welcoming Eric Levine as my temporary replacement. He will be your point of contact for all things judge at Wizards until I come back from Parental Leave in August. Please continue to reach out to your RCs/PCs for help within the community, but if you have an issue that only a Wizard can solve, you can contact Eric through JudgeApps and on Twitter @raginglevine.

Eric (left) and Sara (right) pose with the famous dragon statue at Wizards of the Coast HQ.