What your “second spell” means to Jori En or Pyromancer’s Assault

The allies of Zendikar have picked up a new mechanic in the form of surge, a cost reduction that kicks in if you or a teammate have cast a spell earlier in the turn. Jori En, Ruin Diver and Pyromancer’s Assault may not be as friendly to two-headed giant play, but they reward you for casting multiple spells in a turn regardless – just not more than two. Just as a surge spell doesn’t get an extra discount for each spell you cast beyond the first, Jori En and Pyromancer’s Assault only give you a bonus for the second spell you cast in a turn – not any spell after that. At most, you’ll be able to trigger them once on your turn, then once on each turn taken by an opponent (or pair of opponents in two-headed giant).

Note also that Jori En and Pyromancer’s Assault need to be on the battlefield to trigger themselves – so if the first spell you cast is Jori En, and the second is Pyromancer’s Assault, Jori En will trigger but Pyromancer’s Assault will not. You’ll need to wait another turn before you can start burning things.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Jen Wong

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